Our Mission

In support of the mission of the conference, the treasury department provides financial services and risk management services to the employees, churches and institutions of the Kansas-Nebraska Conference. In addition to overseeing the financial operations of the conference and Broken Arrow Ranch, the purpose of the department is to process payroll as well as administer employee benefits, keep accurate financial records, assist in budget planning for the conference departments, churches and schools, support local treasurers, and to maintain efficient accounts payable management.  

The objective of the department is to do everything possible, both on the conference and local levels to ensure that God's holy tithes and our members' generous offerings are used as prudently, carefully, and appropriately as possible.


Church & School Treasurers                                                                                                              - Church Treasurers Supply Order Form
 - Church Remittance Form
 - Educational Subsidy Request Form
 - Remittance Codes
 - Retention Schedules
 - EMSDA Manual

  - Automobile Insurance Deductible Assistance Request
 - Adventist Screening Verification (formerly Verified Volunteers)

Retirement Links

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