Start A Club

Start a Club

Essentials for Starting an Adventurer Club


You have just embarked on one of life’s greatest adventures with God. Through continued prayer and personal Bible study the Holy Spirit will guide and equip you as you establish Adventurer ministry in your church. You and your church will never be the same again!

How to begin a Adventure Club:

Included are links to forms that will assist you in this exciting new exciting chapter.

  1. Acquire these Adventurer Ministry resources from the Conference Youth Ministries office.
    1. Contact your Pastor, your Conference Adventurer Coordinator, your Conference Pathfinder Director, and New Club Coordinator, to plan and meet with them on a regular basis for guidance and direction.
    2. Read the booklet “Adventurer Club Director Quick Start Guide”  (from AdventSource) and follow the steps as outlined with guidance from your Conference Adventurer Coordinator.
    3. Purchase an “ Adventurer Club Director's Guide” (from AdventSource) and become familiar with the Philosophy & Objectives and the concepts and structure of the Adventurer ministry.
  2. Get church board approval to start an Adventurer ministry.
    1. Because having an Adventurer Club is an outreach ministry of your local church, it is required that your church board approves it with recorded actions in the board minutes. Items you should include for the church board to approve is the Curriculum, Calendar, Special Guests, Field Trips, and Club Finances.
    2. Together with your Pastor, review the "New Club Worksheet" in order to put together a proposal to present to your church board.
    3. Get signatures from church board members as specified on the following New Club Charter Application and mail or fax the completed form to:

      Kansas-Nebraska Conference
          Youth Ministries
          3440 SW Urish Rd,
          Topeka, KS 66614 

      Send Faxes to:
          Attn: Youth Ministries
          (785) 478-1000

  3. Gather Get church board approval to start an Adventurer ministry.
    1. With the support of your Pastor and the church board, recruit members to become active as Staff. Share the need, vision, and enthusiasm of what Adventurer ministry can do for your youth and larger community around your church.
    2. Invite your Conference Adventurer Coordinator to join you for Staff organizational meetings to help teach the fundamentals of Adventurers and to build the ministry vision of your Staff. Use the "New Club Worksheet" you started working on with your Pastor.
    3. Have all your staff (including yourself) complete the Adventist Screening Verification.
  4. Complete the YMMS Yearly Registration.