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KS-NE Pathfinder Spring Camporee

Pathfinder Camporee


Date: May 3-5
Theme: The Ultimate Victory: Achieving God's Purpose:
Focus: Recreation Master Award


Broken Arrow Ranch


$10.00 /per person

$15.00 /per person - After March 18

Recreation Master Overview

Gold Prospecting Requirements

Orienteering Requirements

Camporee Schedule

Schedule: (This May Change)


12:00 Arrive & Setup/ Check in Station Main Driveway

4:00 Registration

6:00 Supper & Clean-up

7:45 Vespers

8:27 Sunset - Happy Sabbath!

10:00 Quiet Time


8:30 Flag Campsite & Uniform Inspection

9:30 Flag Raising

9:45 Worship

12:00 Lunch

1:30-5:20 Rotations

5:20 Club Time

6:00 Supper

7:30 Flag Lowering

8:00 Vespers 

8:22 Sunset

9:00 Club Time

10:30 Quiet Time


7:00 Wake-up, Club Worship/Breakfast Time

9:00-10:50  Community Service

11:00 Lunch, Clean-up, & Goodbye

Directors - How to Register for Camporee:

Here are the steps to register your club for the Spring Camporee:

  1. Determine how many pathfinders and staff you will be bringing to Camporee.

  2. In the left menu bar select "Events" then "C014 - Register".

  3. Locate the "2024 KS-NE Spring Pathfinder Camporee" row and click the green Payment icon ().

  4. On the new page, locate and click the "Generate Payment" button in the upper right corner. 

  5. Enter the number of people going to Camporee and select the "Save" button.You'll be taken to the payment screen.

  6. Enter the debit or credit card details to complete the registration.

Campsite Location:

We've been working hard to secure a Camporee location that will not be excessively windy. We found a great location sheltered from the wind, giving us space to spread out!


Map of the KS-NE Pathfinder Camporee Location:



This location does come at a cost. The campsite fees have been waived but there is still a $5 per vehicle per day fee. We will also provide a Community Service project. 

Plan on $15 per vehicle and some Community Service on Sunday. More information on this will be sent in another email.

Camporee Honors:

Honors we will work on at Camporee will be Orienteering and Gold Prospecting.

Worship Feature:

Calling ALL Pathfinders and Teens! Do you have a testimony of how God has worked in your life? Do you have a story to share with your friends about what Jesus has done for you in your life? If you do, we have an excellent opportunity for you at the Spring Conference Camporee this year! We are looking for four Pathfinders or teens who would love to share their testimony. Please contact Pastor Nick with your testimony so we can hear what you have experienced.