Monthly Report

Trophy Placement:


Easily earn an average 170 points for each of the 9 reports submitted for a total average total of 1530 points.  

Earn Extra Points:

  • Submit your reports by the 10th of the following month to Earn an extra 30 points each month for being on time for an additional 270 points.
  • Additionally, Special Events earn extra points. Induction, Investiture, Camporees, and PBE can earn a lot more points.
  • Combine your May report (what you will plan to do) into your April report

More Club Yearly Forms & Resources:

Required Forms for Your Staff

Adventist Screening  Verification (Required)

Every driver, helper, teacher, and volunteer must complete the background check.
Anyone that has not completed the the verification process will not be permitted to assist in any club activity.