Adventurer Uniform

The uniform makes the Adventurer Club real to its members, especially the children. The uniform becomes an emblem of a standard, builds loyalty to the cub, and brings members into a sense of community. The uniform should always be neat, clean, and worn with pride.

Full dress uniforms should be worn for the following occasions:

  • Regular Adventurer meetings (as designated on the schedule)
  • Special services (Induction, Adventurer Day, Investiture, etc.)
  • Public gathering when any or all act as:
    • Messengers
    • Ushers
    • Guards of honor
    • Color guards
  • When the club participates in community service activities, such as Ingathering, distributing food baskets, delivering bouquets, passing out literature, and singing bands or sunshine bands.
  • On occasions as specified by Adventurer staff officers

Do I have to buy a new uniform for my Adventurer?

Clubs have lots of options when it comes to uniforms. One option is to have a staff member who is responsible for measuring each Adventurer and ordering uniforms for each. Another option is to have parents purchase uniforms for their child(ren) that are in the club.

Here are some options that can reduce uniform expenses:

  • Provide rental options
  • Arrange a time for parents to trade uniforms
  • Set-up a system where the club loans out uniforms

The key to any of these options is to have a staff member who is responsible for implementing the plan your clubs adopts.

Types of Uniforms
There are many types of uniforms worn by Adventurers. Please look at the list below for details. How do you know which one to purchase for your Adventurer? Check with your Area Coordinator or Conference Adventurer/Youth director to see what color blouse/shirt and style of collar is used in your conference.



Purchase Uniforms from AdventSource            Download Adventurer Uniform Guide

Dress Uniform for the Adventurer


  • Navy blue pleated jumper
  • Light blue or white blouse with Peter Pan/straight collar and short/long sleeves


  • Navy blue pants
  • Light blue or white shirt with straight collar and short/long sleeves

Boys and Girls

  • Black shoes (uniform within club)
  • Socks Navy blue socks if girls wear white blouses white socks may be worn (uniform within club)
  • Scarf and Slide Burgundy Adventurer scarf worn with an Adventurer slide. Eager Beavers,
  • Sash The sash is navy blue. It is worn from the right shoulder to the left hip. Adventurer stars, chips, awards, pins, event patches, pins and other club related items may be displayed on the sash.
  • Navy blue beret is optional (uniform within club)

Dress Uniform for Adventurer Staff


  • Navy blue skirt
  • Light blue or white blouse with short/long sleeves
  • Optional: Navy blue ‘waterfall’ tie (uniform within club)

Women wearing hosiery should match their skin tone. Navy blue or black hosiery are optional. Check with your conference Adventurer Coordinator or Youth Director to see what the standard is in your conference.


  • Navy blue slacks
  • White collared shirt with short or long sleeves
  • Optional: Navy blue tie (uniform within club)


  • Black shoes (or boots with fully closed toe and heels. Heels of no more than 2 inches. If shoes have laces, the laces should also be black.)
  • Black belt
  • Scarf & Slide: Burgundy Adventurer scarf worn with an Adventurer slide
  • Sash: The sash is navy blue. Adventurer stars, chips, awards, pins, event patches, pins, and other club related items may be displayed on the sash. Pathfinder honors, patches and pins should not be displayed on the Adventurer sash.

Master Guides
Staff members who are Master Guides may wear their Adventurer Master Guide scarf, Master Guide slide, Master Guide level patch, Adventurer Master Guide star chevron patch, Master Guide pin and display the Master Guide Crest patch on the sash. The navy blue Master Guide jacket is optional.

Uniform Insignias

  • Adventurer Patch: On right sleeve, 2 1/2" (1.27 cm) from shoulder
  • Adventurer World: On left sleeve, 1 1/2" (6.64 cm) from shoulder
  • Crescent: On right sleeve above Adventurer patch, 1/2" (1.27 cm) from shoulder
  • Staff Rank Stripe: On right sleeve, between Crescent and Adventurer Patch. This will require moving the Adventurer Patch down an additional inch.
  • Adventurer Class Pins: On left front pocket placed in ascending order with lowest pin towards center of shirt.
  • Name badge: Centered over the right pocket, or its equivalent on the Adventurer sash
  • Master Guide Class Stripe: Above pocket ONLY for Master Guide.
  • Master Guide emblem can be worn on the sash ONLY for Master Guide.

Adventurer Awards

Field uniform for the Adventurers and staff is a T-shirt and blue jeans. Each club can create its own design for field uniform T-shirt and sweatshirts. A few suggestions for designs on T-shirts are:

  • Adventurer logo
  • Local club name
  • Adventurer and local club logo

Uniform Cords

Uniform cords are optional. 

Cords should be worn on the left shoulder. Cords should consist of a main braided cord, two outside shoulder loops without ornamentation, and one gold pencil device. (Exception: TLT cord.)

To wear the Cord Unbutton the left epaulet. Insert the left arm through only the bradded loop with the two shoulder loops on the outside of the arm. Draw the cord up the arm tucking the braded loop under the armpit. The pencil should drop freely down the front left chest. The button loop on the shoulder cord is then placed onto the button and the epaulet is placed over the button loop and the button refastening the epaulet.