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KS-NE Teen Mission Adventurer 2024

Kansas-Nebraska Teen Mission!

For Pathfinder Clubs

Pre-register to stay informed

          When:   Mar. 12-17
         Where:   Broken Arrow Ranch
            Cost:   $100 / person - Financial Assistance is available upon request
Registration:   Jan. 26 - Feb. 23

This year KS-NE Conference is hosting their first Kansas-Nebraska Teen Mission.  It will occur during spring break, March 12-17, 2024.  This trip is for all teen pathfinders ages 13 and older.* 

The Kansas-Nebraska Teen Mission will be held at Broken Arrow Ranch.  We will be helping spruce up the place before the camporee and summer camps.  Activities will include painting, clearing new trails and more. We also hope to enter the community of Manhattan to share God's love.  This is a great way to spend spring break, build new friendships all while serving others. So come join us!

Register between Jan 26 and Feb 23rd.

*(Younger pathfinders are welcome to attend if their parents come to help) 

We need Staff!

Pathfinder staff is needed to help make this Teen Mission a success.  We are looking for project leaders, work team leaders, kitchen help and other support staff. The goal is to minister to the Teen Pathfinders from around the conference while leading them in service.  Mission trip begins the evening of March 12 and runs through the morning of the 17th.  

The Teen Mission was my favorite trip every year as a teen.  I enjoyed the travel, building new friendships, and serving along side my friends in the various communities and camps. It was a lot of fun participating in the different projects, where I learned life skills like laying cement, painting and more. For me, this turned out to be the best way to spend my spring break each year.  Many of the friendships I made during these trips have been lifelong, and the mentorship I received has led me to stay connected with God. This became a starting point to inspire me to serve in the foreign mission field as an adult. I am excited to share this experience with the teens of this conference.

~ Crystal Eno