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Online Staff Trainings

Pathfinder Basic Staff Training

The purpose of this course is to provide online training for all new Pathfinder staff and those thinking of working with Pathfinders. This certification is intended to provide basic information about the purpose, structure and ministry of Pathfinders to individuals who are just starting out in Pathfinder ministry and have little or no prior experience with the program. It is highly recommended that this certification is earned before they begin their participation in Pathfinder ministry, although not required.

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Adventurer Club Director Certification

The Adventurer Club Director Certification is designed to develop the skills required to be an effective director of an Adventurer Club. Participants will learn leadership skills, the process of building a staff team and much more. It is not intended that this course should teach the basics of what Adventurers learn, but rather the basic elements to lead a club. Each participant should have an Adventurer Club Director’s Guide. Following the completion of the modules and quizzes, the participant will receive a printable completion certificate for this course.

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Adventurer Club Basic Staff Certification Course

The Adventurer Club Basic Staff Certification is designed to develop the skills required to be an effective Adventurer Club staff. Participants will discover the purpose, mission, philosophy, and history of the Adventurer Club ministry. They will also acquire knowledge on how to organize an Adventurer Club. The participant will become acquainted with the planning process of a club, developing flow charts, yearly calendars, and creating a budget for the club. The participant will also understand the developmental growth of children and will learn methods of teaching the Adventurer curriculum in a creative, spiritual, and meaningful way. They will additionally understand the importance of working with and involving Adventurer parents in the program. And finally, the participant will discover safety guidelines, understand the importance of providing a safe environment in the club, and will also learn how to recognize the signs of potential child abuse.

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