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Conference Pathfinder Zoo Trip


The time has come when Pathfinders will come together and have fun earning an honor for their respective classes. This event Primarily for Friends, Companions, Explorers but other Classes are welcome to participate. Contact Lonny Nelson with any questions.

How it works:

•  Find out how many Friends, Companions, and Explorers you will be taking to the zoo.

•  Have your class staff decide what Honor they will help teach for their classes (see below).

•  Print the appropriate booklets (see below) for each person in each class - print a couple extra just in case.

•  Print Instructor booklets for your class staff.

•  Arrive at the Omaha or Kansas City Zoo and meet up with other clubs.

•  Break up into classes and complete the honor booklet during the morning.

•  Have Lunch together in the zoo parking lot.

•  Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the zoo!

This is not a required event but it is a fun way to experience an Honor!