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My name is Kareena Hansen (a former Pathfinder from Chapel Oaks), and just like God put Moses in the basket at the right time, I believe God put me where I am at the right time. I am a student at Southern Adventist University, currently serving as business student missionary in Zambia at Akuna Soap Industry. Akuna is a natural soap company that has an everyday mission for an everyday product, bar soap! I am also a third generation Master Guide and am super excited to be able to help both pathfinder clubs and our mission in Africa.
With the upcoming international camporee at Gillette, we want to help provide a solution for raising funds needed to attend. Having attended the last 2 camporees, I know how hard it can be to raise all the funds needed!

Akuna Soap is launching our pathfinder fundraiser, with our first shipments starting in January. By selling our soap, your clubs can make a 40 to 50 percent margin on their sales! If you have smaller clubs, they can combine their orders to get access to the higher margin. Not to mention, shipping to whatever state you're in is included in these numbers. 


If a club sells 400 bars of soap, they will make $1,400 and if they sell 100 bars of soap, they will raise $280!

This opportunity has not only the ability to bless two different missions, in different parts of the world, but it also has the potential to spark conversations about Adventism and what we are all about!

Would you be willing to share this with your clubs?

Attached is a folder of all the information for our 100 and 400 bar packs. We also have an informational flier, pathfinder order form, and the links to order your packs. 

If you have any questions please send us an email at akunasoap.us@gmail.com or call/text +1 (913) 373-7743! We are based out of Zambia so try to call during your mornings.

Here is your access to all the detailed fundraiser resources and information:






Stay Clean, 
Kareena Hansen and Akuna Team

If you want to learn more check out: 

Akuna Soap Industry
Farm 85a, KafueZambia