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2023 Eastern Nebraska Area Camporee

Eastern Nebraska Area Camporee 2023

On October 13-15, 2023, Pathfinders from clubs in Eastern Nebraska gathered at Woodland Acres to have fun, fellowship, and work on camping skills together. The clubs set up their camps on Friday afternoon before coming together to welcome the Sabbath at worship that evening. Our Kansas-Nebraska conference Youth Director, Nick Snell, delivered a wonderful message about faith and trusting in God even when times are hard. 

Sabbath afternoon was full of fun as Pathfinders had seven different stations where they learned different skills like fire safety, identifying edible plants, shelter building, and first aid. The Union College International Rescue and Relief program came out and offered an unforgettable zipline experience for the Pathfinders. Some TLTs, including myself, were fortunate enough to be allowed to go on the zipline upside down! That was easily the highlight of the weekend for me. Sabbath evening was then occupied by each rank working on their camping skills honors assisted by TLTs from every club. 

Sunday morning was a busy one with everyone working together to complete challenges that were based off of the theme of camping skills. All the ranks blended together from all clubs to complete these tasks that consisted of making multiple fires, tying knots, cutting logs, and so on. It brought me so much joy to look around and see everyone working together and having fun at the same time with this new way to teach Pathfinders about useful camping skills. The Eastern Nebraska Area Camporee was another great weekend of unforgettable experiences and opportunities to grow closer to God with the help of nature! 


By: Hailey M. Orian