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Jesus 101 Biblical Institute - Bible videos for kids

Your kids will enjoy these video Bible stories with downloadable coloring pages to go with the stories from Jesus 101 Biblical Institute!

Welcome to Jesus 101 4Kids! | Jesus 101

Faith by Tommy Books - Written by Mark Brown


Adam the Raccoon Series by Glen Keane

Keys for Kids Stories...

Keys for Kids is an international Christian ministry based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, producing and distributing excellent media resources to evangelize and disciple kids and their families.,1?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7qn1BRDqARIsAKMbHDYjjPxBkk15i4AeRvX1ZMdkMu-fTtGgHWe-i_0NDLNC3jqVfcPd3ocaAvwkEALw_wcB


Your Story Hour is offering a FREE AUDIO STORY EVERY DAY! Here’s the link…


Listen to Loony Coon be read every day by Your Story Hour people, Uncle Jon, Aunt Nikki and Aunt Carole! 

Here's a raccoon coloring page to color as you listen!

Animated Bible videos from the Beginner's Bible… 

Discovery Mountain... A Christian Audio Drama for Kids

Welcome to Discovery Mountain

Pathfinder Camporee...

Watch the exciting and inspiring evening performances from the past two Pathfinder Camporees!

Listen to exciting stories of Ellen White, Joseph Bates, and many other Adventist Pioneers:

Pathways of the Pioneers