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Pre-Area PBE Practice 

Any club can attend. These are not official questions. Thursday, Feb 8 at 7:15 pm-8:15 pmZoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89682930702?pwd=bWtlWG01UnE1UjdSK1NUZlFENk9lZz09Meeting ID: 896 8293 0702     Passcode: 174076Instructions: All pathfinders in 1 room. Each team has 1 computer or tablet. Phones do not work well. They will log into NearPod with the club name, the NearPod code will be given at the start of the practice.  Instructions will start at 7:18. Practice will start at 7:20. 

 Please RSVP to Alicia.Spaid@hey.com

Pathfinder Bible Experience

Feb.  10  | Area PBE
Mar.  02 | Conference PBE
Mar.  16  | MAUC PBE

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Kansas-Nebraska Teen Mission!

When: Spring Break March 12-17 

Cost $100 Per Person (financial support available upon request)

registration closes - Feb 23

Local Mission Trip for Pathfinder Clubs to benefit Youth Ministries in our Conference, the people of our Communities, and your Pathfinders.

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2024 Lincoln Honors Fest

A special Thanks to Everyone for a fun and successful Honors Fest.

The January 26-28, 2024 Pathfinder Honors Fest was held in Lincoln Nebraska. Clubs from Kansas and Nebraska were present.

There were 12 Clubs, over 25 different Honors, and 290 people that participated in the activities.  We were at the YMCA Saturday night with swimming classes, free swim, basketball, soccer and free activities.  Sabbath morning and Sunday we taught honors about Prayer, Kites, CPR, Noah and Balloon Animals, Soap Craft and an Honor about a frog from Puerto Rico (Coqui). The variety of Honors was amazing!


The College View club provided a great menu of food for the entire group. We had a great time together and would encourage anyone who did not make the honors fest to join us next year.


2024 KC Honors Fest

Baking and cake decorating honors earned during Kansas City Honors Fest event On Jan. 9-10, 50? Pathfinders from three Kansas City Pathfinder Clubs joined for an Honors Fest at Midland Adventist Academy.

The KC Explorers from Chapel Oaks, the New Haven Pathfinder Club, and the West Lenexa Pathfinder club earned the baking and cake decorating honors. Saturday night the Pathfinders made cakes, pies and cookies. On Sunday morning, the Pathfinders made bread, breadsticks and crackers, then filled piping bags with icing and learned how to make different designs for cake decorating. Each Pathfinder decorated at least two cakes. Every attendee took home piles of baked goods and recipes.

Pathfinders gave the honors fest good reviews with comments such as, “I’m giving this cake to my mom!” and, “I can’t wait to show my family my first loaf of bread.” Rousing praise service songs led by Kareena Hansen and friends along with worship talks by various Pathfinder Staff rounded out the special weekend.


A Challenge For every Pathfinder

Don't miss this opportunity to invite
your Pathfinders to make a decision

Play this video to your pathfinders and Invite your Pastor
to talk about making the decision to be baptized.

Just asking a Pathfinder may be
all it takes to make the plunge!




Preventing Distracted Driving

Anything that takes your awareness away from driving can be detrimental and dangerous. Distractions can be visual (taking your eyes off the road), manual (taking your hands off the wheel), or mental (taking your mind off driving). Unfortunately, distracted driving accounts for about 9% of all fatal crashes, killing more than 3,000 people annually and leaving over 400,000 injured.

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Insurance & Safety

Make sure your club is prepared for International Pathfinder Camporee with  travel insurance and other safety measures. 
Please plan to purchase extra insurance for all individuals attending the camporee starting April 1, 2024.

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