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Pathfinder Honors Fest Registration

Honors Fest is fast approaching and now is the time to register!
Early Bird Registration is $40 through December 28
Regular Registration is $50 through January 11

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Camporee 3 Things
To Do or Remember

1. Reprint You Camporee Tickets! WHY do I need to reprint my tickets?   

(The organizers needed to switch ticket platforms and because of this change it is necessary to reprint your tickets.)

2. Consider Hosting an International Club. ( Check the website for details)
3. There are opportunities for involvement like choir, orchestra, talent show tent, or even writing a theme song.

Don't Forget to Kick the Tire

I remember the time my wife and I were planning our first road trip from the East Coast to the West Coast. We took our vehicle to a certified mechanic to ensure the tires, wheels, brakes, engine, and all vehicle fluids were serviced or changed.

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Pathfinder Soap Funraiser

Akuna Soap is launching a pathfinder fundraiser, with the first shipments starting in January. By selling their soap, your club can make 40% to 50 % of the sales!

Discover More this Clean Fundraiser

Find Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is an integral part of each Camporee in which clubs get creative to earn the necessary funds to enable them to attend the International Camporee. For some clubs, fundraising is their only means to raise money. Regardless of how it is done...

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