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 October 2023

    Sep 29 -  Oct 1 | Western Kansas Area Camporee
              Oct 6 - 8 | Eastern Kansas Area Camporee - Location - Map
          Oct 13 - 15 | Eastern Nebraska Area Camporee

Learn More About Honors Fest 

Gold Prospecting and Letterboxing will be taught at the Spring Camporee

Teach 4 of These Honors in Your Club

  • Physical Fitness 
  • Knot Tying
  • Hiking
  • Drilling & marching
  • Geocaching 
  • Orienteering

Excluding the Honors above, Please plan to teach
Any other Honor(s) at Honors Fest!


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  3. then select "C091 - Online report."
  4. Click the Folder Icon to fill in a report.

REQUIRED! - Travel Insurance

The Kansas -Nebraska Conference is requiring that travel insurance be purchased for every individual Traveling to and from and attending the International Camporee in Gillette, WY.
Please budget and purchase the special Travel Insurance for each person attending the International Camporee

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Dino Dig Experience Signup!

The International Camporee Offsite Activities team is excited to join with Southwestern Adventist University to invite you to a fossil dig site that is producing incredible finds 2 hours from Gillette. You will have to provide your own transportation, but otherwise, it is FREE to you! Space is limited. Sign up here!  

Sharing Spaces: Churches and Schools

I had a meeting with my pastor to go over some of the communication plans we had in mind. As I parked in the combined church/school parking lot, I wondered if the church doors would be open since it was a school day. After I tried the front door, I was relieved it was unlocked and I wouldn’t have to wait for someone to let me in. But then I thought, What prevents me or anyone else from just wandering through the school?   Click Here to Read More